Big ideas are chugging into ‘The Station’

The flurry of ongoing activity at the corner of Frisco Avenue and Magnolia has certainly
given the town something to talk about. The Menard Station (TMS) brings about great
speculation and owners, Menardian descendant John Davis and his wife Jayne, are ready to
let everyone know what is coming to The Station. Think part store and part history; some
educational experience and electric vehicle charging station. Even part nature reserve, but
all good for the community.

A few months ago, we did a small story about the lobby that is open 24/7 with free coffee
and reverse osmosis water with donations being accepted. Those donations are divided
amongst the Menard Benevolence Fund (MBF) benefiting the Boys & Girls Club of Menard,
Menard 4-H, and the Menard Volunteer Fire Department. Since opening in January of 2023
through June, $1,495 has been collected and donated. This is just the tip of the iceberg for
the Davis family, the ball to start rolling and giving back to the community that has just

Currently, along with the coffee bar and RO water, patrons have access to a free vegetable
exchange table. Locals can drop off their excess garden pro- duce, which then makes the
items free to the public. In return they can take vegetables others have left. Sort of like take
a penny, leave a penny- but take a tomato, leave a cucumber. There is a 1,200-gallon TMS
rainwater collection tank that is used to water two raised garden beds. The produce
(currently peppers) from those beds is included in the free vegetable exchange.
The Front Bay of TMS is set up with freezers full of locally raised cuts of Pecan Spring
Ranch (on the Menard/McCulloch County line) raised Wagyu beef and Dorper lamb, as well
as German sausage and chorizo from Santa Anna Processing. Nine-pound bags of RO ice,
Paletas (fruit popsicles) and mango chamoy cups are available for purchase. Price lists are
posted and available for everything from hamburger meat to roasts to popsicles. In the
future, there will be seasonal fruits and vegetables for sale as well. The rest of the property
is currently a work in progress to encompass Menard’s deep-rooted history, current
history, and many educational elements.

Two electric vehicle charging stations are being set up, one DCFC portal that will charge an
electric vehicle from 20 minutes to an hour and the other level 2 portal which provides a
longer charging period of 4 to 10 hours. Understanding patrons will need something to
occupy their time while their vehicle is charging, the Davis family came up with a grand
plan to provide interesting, interactive, educational resources along with food, drinks, and
clean restrooms during the waiting period. A place for patrons (and their electric vehicles)
to recharge and refuel – literally and figurately.

The original gas and diesel pumps out of the filling station have already been moved next to
the charging station location. Locally owned Rezzlle Construction completed the concrete
work under the metal awning after the original fuel storage tanks were removed. While the
fuel pumps will not be operational to purchase gasoline or diesel, they will serve as an
educational tool by providing information on all types of energy- from fossil fuels to wind
energy and the uses of each, including their impact on west Texas and beyond.

Mason Artist Bud Menchaca was commissioned to design and draw several murals at the
site. There are currently 3 murals completed with sever- al in the works. The main building
north wall depicts the Range Canning Company (Colonel Black’s cannery in Ft. McKavett);
the west wall depicts the Pecan Spring Ranch’s iconic Red Barn (Johanna Wilhelm; The
Sheep Queen of Texas), and the south wall will depict the Chili Con Carne Label and the
Menard Ditch, recognizing The Spanish Texans contribution to Menard.

The interior of the building will showcase painted family genealogy trees of two families
settling in Menard County who can be tied to the Davis family. They can also be associated
with other familiar names in Menard’s history: 1. William L. and Camilla Black (1875)- the
Scottish Texans and 2. Johann and Johanna Wilhelm (1880). -The German Texans.

Other murals include the ceiling of the back bay of the building. The Davis family hopes the
murals will not only be educational, but will provide social media interaction, increasing
the popularity of the site. Decorative sheep, as seen in San Angelo, will also grace the site
adding artis- tic elements and photography opportunities.

The Back Bay of TMS is under construction and will display actual equipment from the
Range Canning Company in Ft. McKavett. Boards complete with original square nails from
the original canning operation are being utilized in the construction build out. Local Harry
Hill is the point man on the project.

The next building gaining attention is that of Jayne’s Specialties, featuring a Bud Menchaca
mural along the south wall. Pending the completion and inspection of the commercial
kitchen, Jayne Davis will sell her tomato jalapeno relish, jams, and frozen prepared meals
including options featuring Wagyu, chicken divan, Salisbury Steak, Swedish meatballs,
spaghetti, soups, gluten free options and more. Meals and jams will be seasonal; items and
gifts will be sold in a small retail area with home decorating items.

As if that weren’t enough, once the building purposes were sorted out, the rest of the lot
became the topic of conversation. A large retention pond is under construction by Mark
Osburn of Bar Spur Company of Eden to help alleviate the drainage problem in the area
experienced anytime Menard receives a sizable amount of rainfall or hard rainfall over a
short amount of time. The pond has been lined with clay with the intention of stocking it
with some San Saba River fish and creating a San Saba River Native Turtle Habitat and
Ecosystem. Large rocks are being placed as a barrier from the Stoney Lonesome Ranch
located in Northwest Menard County.

A Texas Horned Frog Habitat is planned for the center of the lot for viewing the endangered
species. A dog park is also in the works for the southeast corner of the lot along with tables
and lighting planned under the beautiful Burr Oak tree along Frisco Street with hook ups
for a food truck area.

Angora and Spanish nanny goats, with Dorper and Merino ewes, will be introduced to the
southwest corner of the property as an Interactive Learning Center for kids and adults
alike. The plan is to bring pregnant stock for locals and regular passersby to watch the life
cycle through kidding/ lambing. A playground area for children will also be installed. The
original Pinkies Liquor Store windmill is currently located on the Pecan Springs Ranch,
owned by the Davis family, at the McCulloch/Menard County line will be relocated to the

TMS is working with Davis’ cousin Linda Ray Myers from San Antonio who is a Master
Naturalist and a member of The Hill Country Master Naturalist Chapter to design the
landscaping to include native plants, trees, and a pollinator garden to register TMS as a
Monarch Waystation Habitat with the State of Texas. Bill Neiman, the owner of Native American
Seed out of Junction is also assisting with the pollinator garden, native grasses, and pond plants

PSR 1880, LLC is the holding company comprised of the following: The Menard Station,
managed and operated by Rose M. Gonzales; Jayne’s Specialties, managed and operated by
Jayne Davis; Pecan Spring Ranch; rental properties (Airbnb-style) consisting of 5 renovated
ranch houses and a conference center currently under construction, managed and operated
by Shannon Smith.

Once construction is complete, likely around the first of the year, The Menard Station will
have a Ranch to Table Farmer’s Market every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and a Castoff
rummage sale the first Saturday of every month from 10 am – 1 pm. They will be asking
that vendors donate 10% of their proceeds to the Menard Benevolent Fund.

The Grand Opening will be Saturday September 2nd, including a Menard Chamber of
Commerce Ribbon Cutting. The grand opening will be an opportunity for the community to
check out their property progress and will raise money for the MBF. Wagyu steak burgers,
Dorper hamburgers and hot dogs will be served with a bag of chips and a drink, all for $10.
The Menard Volunteer Fire Department will be on site bar-b-queuing up all the goodies.
100% of the purchases will go directly to MBF to be divided among the Boys & Girls Club,
Menard Volunteer Fire Department, and Menard County 4-H. There are certainly many
good to come via the Station!

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