What We Support

Statement Of Policy Principles

We believe the energy industry is undergoing an unprecedented evolution—one that is shifting away from the traditional model of using fossil fuel generation managed by centralized monopoly utilities to a system that prioritizes the use of advanced emerging technologies, environmental sustainability, market competition, and customer choice to fuel the economy.

As this transition occurs, we work every day to encourage the development of a system that leverages the powerful forces of free markets over heavy-handed government mandates. We believe this market-based approach will lead to the most effective and efficient outcomes for consumers, the economy, and the environment.  

Transition to a Clean Energy Future

We believe freely functioning markets communicate the overall priorities and desires of the country. More and more, data shows the vast majority of people want access to cleaner, more sustainable energy choices. Unfortunately, historical energy systems fail to value and recognize these market demands. We support policies that account for the benefits of clean energy and respond to these market demands helping us increase responsible adoption of clean energy.

Support Free Markets

We believe the power of free markets will best facilitate a clean energy transition. We will support energy policies that generally limit the intervention of the government to allow for the free trade of ideas, goods, and services in a more free-functioning marketplace.

Encourage Competition and Choice

We believe that today’s economy calls for a rethinking of the role of utility providers. The monopolistic structures of the past can now be altered to encourage competition in the marketplace and recognize the rights of individuals to choose how they purchase and consume electricity. We support policies that eliminate barriers to entry for independent electric providers and, at the same time, enable greater access and choice for consumers.

Drive Lower Costs

We believe that energy use is a necessity for all people, businesses, and organizations across the country. As a vital commodity, any progress on lowering costs for ratepayers will have positive impacts on the economy. Because of this, we support policies that encourage the development of lowest-cost energy resources and enable greater conservation and efficiency.

Avoid Picking Winners and Losers

We believe that markets must produce a “level playing field” for all. As such, we support policies that will not “pick winners and losers.” Energy policy should not preclude any company, technology, or system from competing in the market. Policy should be technology neutral.

Embrace Technology and Innovation

We believe that once competition is welcomed and the playing field has been leveled, innovation and technology will flourish. Embracing innovation and technology will be key in moving to a next-generation energy system. We will support policies that embrace proven, emerging technologies to make the energy sector more efficient.

Foster Energy Security

We believe that reliable access to affordable, reliable, resilient, energy systems are vital to maintaining a strong economy and protecting our national security. Therefore, we support policies that recognize the value of energy security, grid modernization/protection and diversification.

Support Federalism and Advocate for State Rights

We believe the ability to set energy policy should remain at the state and local levels as much as possible and that attempts by the federal government to usurp this power should be opposed. We also believe that groups of states should have the ability to voluntarily join regional energy markets and develop joint policies if desired.

Protect Property Rights

We believe in the rights of individuals and firms to freely use their property and assets as they desire. Property rights are key to a free and independent society. Accordingly, we support policies that protect and allow the free use of these rights.

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