Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation

Responsible Clean Energy Solutions for the Future

To conserve is conservative. For far too long, conservatives have allowed energy issues to be championed by progressive liberals. Now is the time for conservatives to lead on energy policy, offer solutions that encourage innovation, stimulate economic development, and enhance the growth of clean energy sources.

A conservative energy policy will allow free markets to balance supply and demand, ensure reliable and competitively priced energy for the future, and create incentives for responsible stewardship of the nation’s resources and environment.

The emergence of cost-competitive renewable energy technologies presents conservatives with a great opportunity to reshape the energy economy along free-market lines. Numerous clean energy projects are already being built and owned by private companies, and if we continue to encourage competition and reduce burdensome government regulations, prices will drop, choices will increase, and rapid innovation will follow, to the benefit of all Texans.


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Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation Foundation (CTEI) is a non-profit clean energy education and advocacy organization launched to promote energy innovation and clean energy policies grounded in the conservative principle of common sense, market-based solutions that allow fair competition and provide greater access to clean, affordable and reliable energy.

A Blueprint for a Conservative Energy Policy

The Texas clean energy sector has grown into a formidable economic engine and continues to attract billions of dollars in investment, stimulating innovation, creating new careers and good-paying local jobs, and protecting our natural resources.

Innovation and ingenuity will do more to accelerate clean energy development than government regulations. We prefer approaches that allow markets and the private sector, rather than government incentives and mandates, to foster more clean energy production.

Taking greater action to expand and accelerate the development of clean energy will help Texas continue to lead the nation in energy technology. Additionally, increased clean energy development will continue to grow the Texas economy, create more high paying jobs and improve the reliability of our electric energy grid.

Texans overwhelmingly support an “all of the above” energy strategy, which means lowering our heavy dependence on fossil fuels over time and  increasing electricity generated from clean energy sources like natural gas, wind, solar, nuclear, and hydropower. The expanded use of clean  energy in Texas will increase the number of energy choices for consumers, reduce the overall cost of energy for Texas families and businesses and lessen our dependence on foreign oil.

Texans also strongly believe in private property rights and support property owners’ ability to produce electricity on their own land as well as lease their land for renewable energy production. CTEI will help protect property rights while fighting for lower electricity rates, more consumer choice, energy competition, and a diversified, all-of-the-above energy portfolio.

Statement of Policy Principles

We believe the energy industry is undergoing an unprecedented evolution—one that is shifting away from the traditional model of using fossil fuel generation managed by centralized monopoly utilities to a system that prioritizes the use of advanced emerging technologies, environmental sustainability, market competition, and customer choice to fuel the economy. 

As this transition occurs, we work every day to encourage the development of a system that leverages the powerful forces of free markets over heavy-handed government mandates. We believe this market-based approach will lead to the most effective and efficient outcomes for consumers, the economy, and the environment.  

Transition to a Clean Energy Future: We believe freely functioning markets communicate the overall priorities and desires of the country. More and more, data shows the vast majority of people want access to cleaner, more sustainable energy choices. Unfortunately, historical energy systems fail to value and recognize these market demands. We support policies that account for the benefits of clean energy and respond to these market demands helping us increase responsible adoption of clean energy.
Support Free Markets: We believe the power of free markets will best facilitate a clean energy transition. We will support energy policies that generally limit the intervention of the government to allow for the free trade of ideas, goods, and services in a more free-functioning marketplace.
Encourage Competition and Choice: We believe that today’s economy calls for a rethinking of the role of utility providers. The monopolistic structures of the past can now be altered to encourage competition in the marketplace and recognize the rights of individuals to choose how they purchase and consume electricity. We support policies that eliminate barriers to entry for independent electric providers and, at the same time, enable greater access and choice for consumers.
Drive Lower Costs: We believe that energy use is a necessity for all people, businesses, and organizations across the country. As a vital commodity, any progress on lowering costs for ratepayers will have positive impacts on the economy. Because of this, we support policies that encourage the development of lowest-cost energy resources and enable greater conservation and efficiency.
Avoid Picking Winners and Losers: We believe that markets must produce a “level playing field” for all. As such, we support policies that will not “pick winners and losers.” Energy policy should not preclude any company, technology, or system from competing in the market. Policy should be technology neutral.
Embrace Technology and Innovation: We believe that once competition is welcomed and the playing field has been leveled, innovation and technology will flourish. Embracing innovation and technology will be key in moving to a next-generation energy system. We will support policies that embrace proven, emerging technologies to make the energy sector more efficient.
Foster Energy Security: We believe that reliable access to affordable, reliable, resilient, energy systems are vital to maintaining a strong economy and protecting our national security. Therefore, we support policies that recognize the value of energy security, grid modernization/protection and diversification.
Support Federalism and Advocate for State Rights: We believe the ability to set energy policy should remain at the state and local levels as much as possible and that attempts by the federal government to usurp this power should be opposed. We also believe that groups of states should have the ability to voluntarily join regional energy markets and develop joint policies if desired.
Protect Property Rights: We believe in the rights of individuals and firms to freely use their property and assets as they desire. Property rights are key to a free and independent society. Accordingly, we support policies that protect and allow the free use of these rights.


Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation Foundation
Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation Foundation3 weeks ago
Texas leads in renewable energy! According to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Texas boasts 15,300 wind turbines…more than any other state! Supporting free-market principles keeps the state at the forefront of energy innovation.
Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation Foundation
Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation Foundation4 weeks ago
Today is all about empowering the next generation and preparing them for exciting careers. Let's introduce them to the bright possibilities of working in the growing energy industry!
Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation Foundation
Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation Foundation4 weeks ago
J. J. Pickle Research Campus, the University of Texas at Austin
Thanks to the #TexasHydrogenAlliance, we were honored to attend yesterday’s ribbon-cutting ceremony for a first-of-a-kind hydrogen proto-hub at The University of Texas at Austin / UT-Center for Electromechanics

With support from Frontier Energy, Inc. and GTI Energy, the facility is a product of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s “Demonstration and Framework for H2@Scale in Texas and Beyond” project.

The hydrogen facility includes hydrogen generation, storage, and power generation and is designed to provide technical advances and well-educated leaders throughout the emerging hydrogen ecosystem.

Special recognition to State Representative Drew Darby and Texas Railroad Commissioner Jim Wright for their legislative and policy support in advancing Texas leadership in our hydrogen future.

#txlege #austin #txenergy #hydrogen #hydrogencar
Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation Foundation
Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation Foundation4 weeks ago
With over 1,000 miles of dedicated pipelines and 48 production plants, the HyVelocity Hydrogen Hub along the Texas Gulf Coast is the world’s largest concentration of hydrogen infrastructure. It is projected to contribute over 180,000 new jobs and an additional $100 billion to the state’s gross domestic product. For these reasons, DOE recently selected it to receive up to $1.2 billion in federal funding to advance domestic hydrogen production.

That’s a massive investment in the future of clean energy in Texas. But without a more workable and fair method of calculating lifecycle emissions, all of this investment will be for naught, including plans to build a major new hydrogen production plant in Baytown, Texas.

Announced in 2022, this site would use natural gas with emissions captured and stored underground to produce up to 1 billion cubic feet of clean hydrogen per day, making it the largest such plant in the world. But the Biden administration’s hostility to natural gas is jeopardizing this project and, with it, America’s clean energy future.


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