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Broadening the base of support for new energy solutions is essential. Conservative voices must be heard to help guide a more informed energy dialogue.

Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation (CTEI) is a non-profit clean energy education and advocacy organization launched to promote energy innovation and clean energy policies grounded in the conservative principle of common sense, market-based solutions that allow fair competition and provide greater access to clean, affordable and reliable energy.

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Texas Senate Energy Bill to Overhaul Power Grid Will Increase Costs for Ratepayers Across the State

Last week the Texas state Senate passed several pieces of legislation that aim to bolster grid security and reliability in Texas. Included in these bills is Senate Bill (SB) 6, which establishes the Texas Energy Insurance Program and authorizes the construction of a fleet of new natural gas-fired power plants that will be used only as a form of emergency generation capacity in times of blackouts or high demand. If adopted, these alleged reforms would abandon the principles of free enterprise that have made Texas a leader in energy innovation and providing low-cost energy to families and businesses.  

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