What Conservative Leaders are Saying

Texas has shown once again that fossil fuels and renewables
can both thrive and are necessary to meet growing demand.

Glenn Hegar (R)

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Tweet by @Glenn, Hegar, September 16, 2021

The country is striving for an “all-of-the-above” energy policy with the
increased use of renewable energy and nuclear power. “The growth we
are seeing in our renewables, this is just a great moment in time for the
United States of America and the energy resources we have . The United
States needs to continue to lead and support nuclear energy , not only
to maintain reliable energy supply but also to ensure
nonproliferation of weapons. “America needs to continue
to be engaged in the development of the next generation
of nuclear power.”

Rick Perry (R)

Former Energy Secretary & Texas Governor

A superior natural resources policy is one that favors those
institutions by which new resources are substituted
for old ones!

Ronald Reagan (R)

Former United States President
World Environment Day June 5, 1986.

In their singular focus on renewable energy, the authors of the
resolution specifically exclude nuclear from America’s energy future.
In addition to 20 percent of U.S. electricity being generated from nuclear,
it is a zero-emission – that’s right zero – energy source. If the authors
of the Green New Deal were being genuine instead of political,
and really believed that carbon emissions would lead to
catastrophic harm to the planet, they wouldn’t exclude
nuclear energy: they would instead be promoting it.

Ted Cruz (R)

Unites States Senator
Source: http://www.tedcruz.org - April 1, 2019

Forward thinking conservatives must lead on smart, innovative
policies that enable us to have cleaner air and water while
remaining true to our conservative  principles. That’s why
I am so excited about Conservative Texans for Energy
Innovation, and their mission to promote clean energy
job creation, increase consumer choice, and lower the
cost of energy for all Texans.

Susan Fletcher (R)

Collin County Commissioner

We’ve seen incredible research and technology successes through
collaborative, public-private partnerships, and it’s clear this is the
model that ensures federal research investments give us the most
bang for our buck. One such example is the Air products production
facility in my home district. This facility, which is one of the only two
industrial plants in the United States where carbon capture is currently
in use at-scale, captures over one million tons of carbon dioxide per
year. This CO2 is then transported via pipeline for use in enhanced oil
recovery. With support from DOE, the technology developed and
deployed at this facility is reducing the emissions from local
refineries and producing affordable, American fuel to
power our economy.

Randy Weber (R - Pearland)

United States Congressman

Climate change is real, and we need to address it. The
question is, how do we do that? I think we should
support all ways of decreasing emissions,  from
traditional renewables to cleaned-up fossil fuels
to nuclear to innovation new tech like carbon

Dan Crenshaw (R-Houston)

United States Congressman
Source: E & E News - July 25, 2019

I’m proud that our region leads the nation in both renewable
and fossil energy production. Harnessing the power of wind
in West Texas has not only provided good jobs for rural
America and helped power our state’s economy, but it
has broadened and diversified our energy production,
which will support our nation’s energy independence
for future generations.

Jodey Arrington (R - Lubbock)

United States Congressman
Source: PR Newswire, August 13, 2018

We need more energy. Government should get out of the way,
let the free market ork, and allo more domestic energy
production. This would reduce gas prices even in the
near-term, expand job opportunities in Texa- a world
energy leader- and reduce our dependence on
foreign oil.

John Cornyn (R)

United States Senator
Source: https://www.cornyn.senator.gov//content/issues/energy-environment

Texas is a national leader in the development of clean energy.
We have more wind power capacity than any other state and
all but five countries. The solar power market in Texas is also
taking off as the manufactured cost of panels have been
reduced. Our commitment to develop renewable sources, to
tap the potential of our shale formations, and to develop the
technology needed to make our air cleaner and our economy
stronger means Texas remains positioned
as the nation’s energy leader.

Christi Craddick (R)

Texas Railroad Commissioner
Source San Antonio Express News - April 16, 2017

The free market is always going to create ways to do
things. And that’s exactly what happened with the
wind energy market in west Texas.

Phil King (R-Weatherford)

Texas State Representative

Across Texas, clean and readily abundant forms of energy are
powering more homes and businesses than ever before. Clean
energy is a part of America’s future. It includes generation from
renewable sources such as wind, solar , hydro, and
geothermal sources, in addition to nuclear and natural
gas, and encompasses carbon capture and energy
storage technologies as well.

Greg Abbott (R)

Texas Governor
Source: Texas National Clean Energy week Proclamation

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