New Data Confirms Renewable Energy’s Growing Contribution to the Texas Economy

AUSTIN, TEXAS (January 19, 2024) – Renewable energy and battery energy storage projects continue to generate tens of billions of dollars in tax revenue and landowner payments while contributing significant and essential power generation resources to the electric grid, according to findings showing 2023 overall annual growth released by Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation (CTEI), […]

Texas Freeze: ERCOT can do better than counting on failure-prone Gas

Texas, along with most of the country, is about to get hit with an Arctic blast that will plunge temperatures to extreme lows. But the all-too-recent memory of Winter Storm Uri in February 2021 causing rolling blackouts, hundreds of deaths, and billions in unexpected utility bills leaves Texans more worried than the rest of the […]

Carrie Simmons Joins Advisory Board Of Conservative Texans For Energy Innovation

Longtime GOP staffer and Legislative Consultant Brings Extensive Clean Energy Expertise AUSTIN, TEXAS (Dec 11, 2023) . . . Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation (CTEI) announcedtoday that Carrie Simmons has joined the organization’s Advisory Board. Simmons has deepexperience advocating for critical energy issues and has worked closely with key leaders at theCapitol as well as […]

West Texas caravan highlights growth of electric vehicles

Matt Welch, state director, Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation, and Jade Gillespie Doss, director of programs, show a Hummer Electric Vehicle during a caravan of electric vehicles through West Texas. A caravan of electric vehicles of various sizes, from a school bus to a Volvo C40 and Ford Mustang Mach E came humming through Midland recently […]

Study finds no negative impact for Texas home values near utility solar projects

A new study commissioned by Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation (CTEI) in partnership with the Advanced Power Alliance and the Solar Energy Industries Association shows no evidence of negative market impact for residential properties near utility-scale solar facilities. In all counties studied, the sales prices and marketing times of residential properties located near solar projects […]

As Heat Waves Roast Texas, Batteries Keep Power Grid Humming 

A surge in battery storage is helping Texas beat the heat without additional fossil fuelsBy Benjamin Storrow, E&E News on August 22, 2023 CLIMATEWIRE | A battery boom is helping to stabilize the Texas power grid, offering a template for utilities that want to cut their greenhouse gases even as air conditioners hum wildly during heat waves. The growth of […]

Big ideas are chugging into ‘The Station’

The flurry of ongoing activity at the corner of Frisco Avenue and Magnolia has certainlygiven the town something to talk about. The Menard Station (TMS) brings about greatspeculation and owners, Menardian descendant John Davis and his wife Jayne, are ready tolet everyone know what is coming to The Station. Think part store and part history; […]

Tesla says its Powerwall electricity customers can be paid to send power to the grid

Tesla is paying its Powerwall electricity customers in Texas to send excess power to the grid through a virtual power plant. By aggregating home solar and storage units, Tesla eases demand on the grid during high electricity usage periods. The program aims to reduce pressure on Texas’ taxed power grid while promoting clean energy practices. Customers will receive a notification when Tesla Energy’s Powerwall discharges electricity to the Texas grid, ensuring they have backup power reserves during outages. Tesla’s innovative approach advances renewable energy adoption and contributes to a greener future for the state.

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