A competitive market should lead the way in EV infrastructure in Texas

A Texas Senate bill will encourage competition by the the private sector. By Matt Welch 1:30 AM on Mar 7, 2023 CST All across Texas, heads are turning as consumers see more and more electric vehicles on our highways and county roads. With good reason, folks are starting to wonder what the automotive market of the […]

Commentary: CPS Energy was right to cut its coal losses

Matt Welch for Express NewsFeb 8, 2023 Two years ago, Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation, where I serve as director, called on CPS Energy to cut its losses and close the coal-fired J.K Spruce power plant.  As I wrote then, “Other technologies have made it clear the coal plant’s goose is cooked, and it is time to […]

Texas plan to stop next grid disaster could cost customers billions

Those types of resources could help meet Texas’ summer peaks in power demand when heat waves cause air conditioner energy use to spike up for hours at a time in afternoons and early evenings, Milligan said. It would be less useful in the winter, when freezing temperatures can cause much longer-lasting spikes in demand both for […]

The Time Is Now: Stepping Up Cyber Security for the Energy Sector

By Leo Simonovich & Amit YoranOctober 18, 2022 It’s time to step up on cyber security for the energy sector. The recent passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and the Inflation Reduction Act will incentivize a new wave of investment in energy infrastructure. With that wave, we have an opportunity to build cybersecurity approaches that keep up with […]

Secretive committee of utility insiders could undermine Texas energy leadership and affordability

The Texas Legislature needs to ensure that self-interested electric generation actors are not sacrificing Texas families and businesses to protect their market share. The following is a contributed article by Landon Stevens, policy director for the Conservative Energy Network. Last month, the Texas State Energy Plan Advisory Committee voted 7-5 to narrowly approve its report to the […]

Wind and Solar Are Saving Texans $20 Million a Day

In a year of record-high prices for fossil fuels, as lawmakers consider new policies that can help fight inflation, renewable energy is already helping to shield Americans from steep jumps in their electricity bills. For example, in Texas, even as some observers have incorrectly blamed renewables for the state’s strained power grid, more than a third of electricity […]

Solar Power Is Bailing Texas Out This Summer

Enjoying that AC? Thank the mighty power of the sun and the renewable energy source keeping the grid afloat. On Monday the good people of Texas, many still suffering from lingering trauma as a result of the February 2021 failure of the state’s power grid, braced for bad news. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, […]