Governor Abbott’s Comments on Texas Energy

In Davos Today Governor Greg Abbott discussed Capitalism and Texas Energy at the World Economic Forum.

AXEL THRELFALL: Is it fair to say that the President’s message and your message here are at odds with the pleas on climate and the desperate efforts to shake up capitalism?

GOVERNOR ABBOTT: On the contrary. The message is that the state of Texas continues to be robust in production of oil and gas while taking action to make sure we’re being climate conscious. Let me give you a few examples: Texas is one of largest producers of oil and gas in entire world. We’d rank 4th in the world if we were our own country. At the same time, Texas is an international leader in renewables. Texas ranks #1 in the United States wind energy production. We rank in the top 5 internationally for wind energy production. This year, we doubled solar production, and next year we’ll double it again. We’re growing exponentially in solar. When Texas increased oil and gas, we reduced NOx pollution – a form of air pollution. So, we can have it both ways. As President Trump said, the reason the economy is doing so well is because of capitalistic principles. We didn’t come here to apologize, we came here to say every country can succeed this way.


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