Texans are getting stuck with high electricity bills and we have no idea how high

July 16, 2022 OPINIONBy Matt Welch With such pain at the pump right now and our struggling economy, it has been easy to miss what is happening with Texas electricity prices, which, unfortunately, is even worse. While gasoline prices are about 60% higher than a year ago, retail electricity rates are up even more, about 70% […]

June 2022 Newsletter

WHAT WE’RE WORKING ON Standing Up for the Free Market Over the course of the last 18 months, there have been concerted efforts to undermine the free-market structure of the Texas energy and electricity market.  Various actors with diverse motivations have been working in the regulatory and legislative arenas to whittle away at electric deregulation and […]


By Chris Matthews A BP joint venture is considering three utility-scale solar energy projects northwest of Victoria, Texas. The proposed projects would be developed on pieces of land in eastern DeWitt County, northwest of Victoria and east of Cuero, Texas, according to documents filed with the Texas comptroller’s office. The projects — Shaula Energy Project […]

Sen. Cornyn: Counter Russia with an all-of-the-above energy strategy in Texas and across America

High schoolers trading science experiments for making Molotov cocktails. Pediatric cancer patients huddled in basement bomb shelters. Architects, teachers and grandmothers taking up arms to protect their country’s freedom. This is the situation in Ukraine as Russia continues its invasion of this sovereign democracy in an attempt to rebuild the Soviet Union. The United States has taken action against Russian […]

2021 saw some big changes to Texas power grid after winter freeze

The work is far from over, but many changes came to Texas’ beleaguered power grid in 2021  following the deadly February freeze.  An exterior view of the ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) headquarters in Taylor, Texas, Wednesday, December 8, 2021. (Tom Fox/The Dallas Morning News) (Tom Fox)  By Philip Jankowski  5:24 AM on Dec […]

UN Chief Lectures Texas Based On False Premise

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres lashed out at Texas and Texans at a press conference last week, telling the media that “If Texas wants to remain prosperous in 2050 or 2070, Texas will have to diversify its economy and Texas will have to be less dependent on oil and gas. It has all the conditions to be […]

Texas Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian Passes Key Resolutions At IOGCC

Texas Defends States Rights at Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission AUSTIN – Today, Commissioner Wayne Christian authored and passed three resolutions to protect states’ rights, protect consumers, and encourage technological innovation in the oil and gas industry. Resolution 21.052 – Opposition to the CLEAN Future Act (View here): This resolution co-sponsored by Texas and North […]

New Interactive Website Shows Clean Energy’s Contributions to Rural Texas

Solar and wind projects help diversify local economies, creating new revenue for rural governments, school districts and landowners; but anti-economic development bills threaten that growth. Wind power, solar power, and energy storage projects are providing new economic opportunities for rural Texas counties, bringing needed diversification, economic development, job creation, and multi-generational revenue through a growing […]

Setting Electricity Markets Up for the Future With Competition

It wasn’t too long ago when the government told everyone where to get their electricity and how much they were going to pay for it. Electric utilities were granted monopolies over their customers, and in return those utilities had to get government approval for every major business decision they undertook. But starting two decades ago, 13 states plus D.C. decided […]