Texas hydrogen research hub opens to support statewide, DOE-backed initiative

Mike Damante Apr 30, 2024, 10:38 am A Texas school has cut the ribbon on a new hydrogen-focused research facility that will play a role in a statewide, Department of Energy-funded energy transition initiative. The Center for Electromechanics at The University of Texas, Frontier Energy, Inc., and GTI Energy celebrated the grand opening of a […]

COLUMN: Beaumont a natural home for carbon capture, storage

Texas is once again leading an energy revolution. The home of Spindletop and fracking is seeing an acceleration of a transformative technology: carbon capture and storage. The process captures carbon emissions from industrial sources before they reach the atmosphere and safely stores them underground. While Texas benefits from a massive growth in clean renewable energy, […]

These clean-energy innovators are flipping stereotypes

America’s sustainable-energy revolution is happening in the places you’d least expect it—just don’t call it “green” I have a quiz to start this week’s Motor Mouth, a seemingly easy quiz given the question: Which state in America generates more greener-than-thou totally-renewable wind energy than any other? Actually, let’s make this a two-parter, ’cause the answer is […]

New Data Confirms Renewable Energy’s Growing Contribution to the Texas Economy

AUSTIN, TEXAS (January 19, 2024) – Renewable energy and battery energy storage projects continue to generate tens of billions of dollars in tax revenue and landowner payments while contributing significant and essential power generation resources to the electric grid, according to findings showing 2023 overall annual growth released by Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation (CTEI), […]

Texas Freeze: ERCOT can do better than counting on failure-prone Gas

Texas, along with most of the country, is about to get hit with an Arctic blast that will plunge temperatures to extreme lows. But the all-too-recent memory of Winter Storm Uri in February 2021 causing rolling blackouts, hundreds of deaths, and billions in unexpected utility bills leaves Texans more worried than the rest of the […]

Carrie Simmons Joins Advisory Board Of Conservative Texans For Energy Innovation

Longtime GOP staffer and Legislative Consultant Brings Extensive Clean Energy Expertise AUSTIN, TEXAS (Dec 11, 2023) . . . Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation (CTEI) announcedtoday that Carrie Simmons has joined the organization’s Advisory Board. Simmons has deepexperience advocating for critical energy issues and has worked closely with key leaders at theCapitol as well as […]

Study finds no negative impact for Texas home values near utility solar projects

A new study commissioned by Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation (CTEI) in partnership with the Advanced Power Alliance and the Solar Energy Industries Association shows no evidence of negative market impact for residential properties near utility-scale solar facilities. In all counties studied, the sales prices and marketing times of residential properties located near solar projects […]

Conservatives Should Embrace Energy Facts Over Fiction

April 20, 2023 Josiah Neeley & Matt Welch The Texas energy grid may need a few precise improvements, but errant and unfounded advice isn’t going to help conservatives beat the top-down command and control left. The Wall Street Journal, for instance, recently published an editorial entitled “A Texas-Sized Energy Fiasco” which seeks to blame Texas’ […]

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