Our Team

We are conservative Texans across the state leading the dialogue about the economic and national security benefits of clean energy. Clean and renewable energy sources represent the future of energy in Texas. As conservatives, we encourage competition and free markets, which allow for vibrant, sustainable economies. Texas inventors, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers are leaders in a global transformation toward cleaner, more secure energy choices that create American jobs and protect our environment.



Kevin Brannon is a Texas-based conservative strategist with almost thirty years experience in providing clients with a variety of public affairs, public relations, fundraising, and political consulting services.   He has assisted corporations, issue advocacy groups, trade associations, political candidates, and non-profit organizations.

For almost ten years, Brannon served in various leadership capacities for former U.S. Senator Phil Gramm (R-Texas), including Regional Director for North Texas, Campaign Manager for the Senator’s 1996 re-election campaign, and Regional Political Director for the Phil Gramm Presidential Campaign.

In 1998, Brannon launched his consulting business, where he has since served as a consultant to numerous elected officials at the federal, state, and county level.  Capitol Inside, a Texas political publication, previously named Brannon “Most Valuable Consultant in an Individual Campaign” (2014) and “Consultant of the Year” (2010).

In the public affairs arena, Brannon has served a broad range of clients including those in telecommunications, electricity, and energy.  He was part of a team working with the Sudan Divestment Task Force supporting efforts to end genocide in Sudan.  Brannon’s private sector experience includes serving as Vice President of Government Affairs and Public Relations for a Dallas-based energy technology company.

In 2015, Brannon traveled to Israel at the invitation of the American Israel Education Foundation (“AIEF”), the charitable organization affiliated with AIPAC, America’s pro-Israel lobby.  Brannon volunteers with “Thirst No More”, a non-profit group dedicated to providing clean drinking water in underserved countries, and in 2019 he traveled to Tanzania with the organization.

Kevin is a graduate of Texas A&M University and lives in Allen, Texas with his wife, Judy.  Together, they have three daughters: Kelsey Brannon Creech of Houston; Kendall, of Fayetteville, AR; and Jenna, a student at Colorado Christian University.