Founder and CEO of Media and PR Firm, Landtroop Strategies, Cathy Landtroop recently achieved what less than 1% of small business owners have – ten years longevity, while profitably grossing seven figures in annual sales by inspiring a team of gladiators to win for clients from California to New York stateside, with work product spanning three continents.

Referred to in an Austin paper as a “PR whiz” and “highly assertive (political) force,” Landtroop was best known in her early career for an uncanny political acumen, having strategized and created memorable winning campaigns and merch for multiple local, regional, Congressional and Presidential candidates. Her YouTube video, the “Deplorables’ Creed” garnered over 1MM views in just seven days during the 2016 cycle, with President Trump calling her “strong as garlic.”

These days Landtroop focuses her energy helping entrepreneurs and corporations increase gross sales and generate new revenue streams, telling stories for her alma mater, Texas Tech University, encouraging youth entrepreneurship, and 2x’ing her company’s bottom line year over year.

To be sure she keeps her ‘Director of World Change’ title, Landtroop represented the Republic of South Sudan’s quest for a peaceful transfer of power, a candidate running for MP in Meru, Kenya, over a million young lemonade stand entrepreneurs, and an orphanage serving hundreds of children in Luoyang, China.

Cathy is married to her husband of 26 years, former State Representative Jim Landtroop, and together they run three businesses headquartered in West Texas and have four children: Braden (24), David (23), Kenneth (22) and Lauren (19).